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Breaker High logo 1 Breaker High logo 2

How about some water? Cassidy and Max

Tell me my future! "Will you shut up?!"

I can't find the ON switch I think I found it!

My science notes?! Yes!

The Pepper Girls! It isn't my robe!

"I don't know!" What a bad hair day!

That's how to lose weight! That's some good wine!

Alex and Ashley That looks comfortable!

Sean and Tamira Cassidy, Tamira & Denise

You feel sick to me! Want some YooHoo?

New! New!
We're taking bets! "Call me!"

New! New!
Cast Credits 1 Cast Credits 2

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Cast Credits 3 Cast Credits 4

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Cast Credits 5 Cast Credits 6

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Let's play some cards! The life of a mailbox

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That's sick & wrong! What's the problem?