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Breaker High Homepage3/3This site tons of information and content; it also has great interactivity. Recently went minimal.
Breaker High Online2/3A Breaker High site with a nice layout.
Jessica's Breaker High Page2/3Under reconstruction.
The Breaker High Archives2/3A site with some information on Breaker High.
Ultimate TV News2/3An article/review of our favorite "Teen Boat."
Semester at Sea2/3A real life Breaker High, well except that it's a university (University of Pittsburgh). The exterior "fly-by" shots of Breaker High's Universe Explorer come from Semester at Sea's Universe Explorer.

Actor/Actress Links
The Scott Vickaryous Homepage3/3A site dedicated to Scott Vickaryous; has a great layout and lots of information about this actor.
Absolute Adoration of Rachel Wilson3/3A wonderful site dedicated to Rachel Wilson. Follows the entire career of this actress.
Terri Conn Fan Page3/3A site dedicated to Terri Conn; has lots of good information about this actress.
The UnOfficial Ryan Gosling Web Site2/3A site dedicated to Ryan Gosling; has pictures and information on this actor.
The UnOfficial Kyle Alisharan Homepage2/3A site dedicated to Kyle Alisharan; has the scoop on this actor.