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Episode 35 - Don't Go Breakin' My Art

Sorry, but I lost the sound files for this episode. So for the time being, you'll have to do without audio aid.

In the previous episode, Max goes to Grand Central station and buys a one-way ticket to Portland. To start off this episode, Max falls asleep while waiting for his bus. When he wakes up, his bags are gone and the only thing that he has left is his guitar, which he then hocks. Next, Tamiera, Sean, Jimmy, and Ashley go to an art gallery that is run by one of Tonyís old friends from flight attendants' school. Sean doesnít really like or understand art, but goes along anyway to make Tamiera happy. Jimmy goes to the gallery because of all the free food. Back on the boat, Cassidy and Alex try to look for Max and find a bus schedule for Portland. They immediately go to Grand Central Station and ask the "ticket lady" if she has seen Max. She directs them to the bus headed to Portland and they run there just in time to catch Max. Cassidy tells Max that she loves him, but it still isnít enough to make him stay. Itís not until he gets to New Jersey that Max realizes that he belongs on Breaker High, at which point he goes back to New York. At the art gallery, Sean finally admits that he knows nothing about art and he was just trying to make Tamiera happy. At the end, Ashley ends up buying a piece of art which she thinks is a genuine new age painting, but it turns out to be a painting accidentally drawn by Jimmy when he spilled cocktail sauce and paint over a blank canvas.