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Episode 34 - Six Degrees of Humiliation

In New York, Denise meets up with her parents and they go out for lunch. Jimmy befriends Denise’s father and gets invited to lunch, much to Denise’s dismay. Meanwhile, Tony gets Ashley, Tamiera, and Sean tickets to the hit Broadway musical "Chips" starring Eric Castrada (Tony’s hero). On their way to the theater, Ashley wants to make a few stops at the stores which makes them miss the first two acts. On their way into the restaurant, Denise’s parents run into a member of the Harvard board of admissions and invite him to lunch as well. Jimmy promptly embarrasses Denise in front of her parents and the Harvard admissions officer. By the end of lunch, Denise is ready to die, but the admissions officer tells her that he thinks that she would do great in Harvard because of all the cultures she visited, plus the people that she has to deal with on the boat (i.e., Jimmy). Max decides that he can’t take the fact that Alex and Cassidy kissed, and goes to Grand Central station to buy a one-way bus ticket to Portland.