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Episode 32 - Regret Me Nots

When Max happens to see Cassidy and Alex kissing, he turns to Tamira for consolation and they end up kissing. This causes a problem for Tamira because her and Sean have been dating for about a week. However, Sean has been smothering Tamira by always being around and every time he sees her he gives her a gift. Jimmy proclaims himself "the ultimate advice guy" and helps out everyone by making references to Gilliganís Island and then adding his take on it. He helps Sean by suggesting roses as a gift for Tamira, helps Ashley by telling her to write an anonymous love letter to Alex to show her feeling for him, and helps Tamira by having her flip a coin to choose between Sean and Max (if she flips the coin and immediately says "best two out of three" then she wants the other guy more). Basically everyone has a problem and they all think about their conflicts in class. Finally, Alex tells Cassidy to go back to Max because she loves him and then he goes back to Ashley and Tamira stays with Sean.