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What's B reaker High?!
Breaker High is a television show which airs weekdays at 4:00PM on UPN. The show is about a high school cruise ship which not only teaches academics, but also gives first hand cultural experiences from around the world. The ship consistsof 500 students, but the show focuses on a group of 8. All the students come from different backgrounds and situations but they all work together as one group. The cast has great chemistry and together they just... CLICK! The situations and character development just... WORK! This show is full of drama and tons of comedy that anyone can appreciate. Overall, Breaker High is a great way to start your homework routine or take a break from life!

What's New?!
Jan-17-98I'm sorry that I must inform you: Breaker High has officially ended. I'm told that the sets have been dismantled and that the cast and crew of the show had an end-of-show wrap party on December 17, 1997 and a great time was had by all. You no longer need to send support letters to save Breaker High because that is no longer an option. I understand that this was because of multiple causes, not just one. One reason is that Saban, the company which produces Breaker High, has decided that they want to get into the movie production business & have minimized their efforts in television production. On the other side, it's said that UPN wasn't comfortable with having an afternoon lineup; there is too much competition in that arena so they bailed before they got any results back. The final outcome is the end of Breaker High. As of January 12, 1998, UPN affiliates are in no way obligated to air Breaker High. Many affiliates have stayed with Breaker High and will until the beginning of the '98 fall season. However, a handful of affiliates have decided to put something else in Breaker High's timeslot since they are no longer obligated. The Ultimate Breaker High Site will always be current & operational, so be sure to stay tuned to this site. For those of you who still get Breaker High, keep watching because there are still 13 new episodes on their way! Also, you might want to record your favorite Breaker High episodes, because starting in the new '98 season Breaker High will be scattered into the four winds of the air waves and no one is sure what will happen then. If you were part of the cast, crew, or have more information on this topic or Breaker High in general: I'd really appreciate it if you could just drop me a quick line.
Nov-24-97The Ultimate Breaker High Site has been released! I hope that everyone enjoys the hard work I put into this site and remembers to watch Breaker High every weekday on UPN! Bookmark this page and check back often because I will try to keep things current and new. Please email any comments or thoughts to

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